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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the Country: Police Officer is NOT on the List »


Cops always complain about how dangerous their jobs are, but the facts don’t support that. Best part of the article:

Here are occupations more dangerous than being a police officer. Number of deaths per 100,000 employed:

  1. Logging workers: 127.8
  2. Fishermen: 117.0
  3. Aircraft pilots: 53.4
  4. Roofers: 40.5
  5. Garbage collectors: 36.8
  6. Electrical power line installation/repair: 29.8
  7. Truck drivers: 22.8
  8. Oil and gas extraction: 21.9
  9. Farmers and ranchers: 21.3
  10. Construction workers: 17.4

Cops use danger as an excuse to wield power over people, especially black people.



my feminist goal is not to convince men that girls are of value, my feminist goal is to achieve a future where the judgement of our value isn’t in the hands of men. 

and this goes for, especially goes for, trans girls, girls of colour, disabled girls and LGBTQA+ girls. 

girls, all girls, and if you believe otherwise don’t reblog this.   

“In the decades since her tragic death in a sanitarium fire, American culture has continued to pigeonhole Zelda in a revolving door of myopic personas, among them the champagne-soaked socialite, the schizophrenic harpy responsible for her husband’s squandered potential, and ultimately the feminist icon of wifely martyrdom. Yet, for all these somebodies, our culture has never permitted Zelda to be the somebody as whom she so longed and deserved to be remembered: Zelda Fitzgerald, the artist.”

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